“I’m not as cute as Two, nor pretty as Three, and I’m flat-chested to boot, unlike Five! I hate it! I hate my own face! I hate my body! I’m not pretty, nor cute. Just a plain, ordinary, boring face. My limbs are practically sticks, my hair is messy, and what I hate more than anything else, are these disgusting nails of mine.” Four - Family Portrait


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ニーア レプリカント


Kainé / Rain of Light” is a track off one of the Japan-only mini-OST albums you received by pre-ordering the game. To my understanding, there are relatively few of these out there (particularly the Gestalt version, since Gestalt was an X-Box only release and I think there are, like, three 360s in Japan). Rain of Light, of course, wound up being on the Gestalt mini-OST, so it’s almost impossible to find. I mean, without Google.

Fortunately, this video happened to use it as background music, and it is, to my knowledge, literally the only place you can listen to this track; every other place where it was one hosted has since had it taken down.

It’s quite beautiful (and I just remembered that it’s NIER music so that makes this statement ludicrously redundant), so it’s really a pity that it’s tucked away as it is. So please, enjoy! Keep circulating the tapes!


Long ago, in an age tarnished by endless conflict, five beautiful goddesses descended upon the land. The goddesses sang mystical songs that restored peace and harmony to our broken world. The people began to worship these holy songstresses and came to refer to them as Intoners.


カイアン by @trtn666 on twitpic.com

We’ve both been rejected by the world
We both feel the same threat
And yet here we are
Fated to kill each other in the end